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Winter cleaning: 3 professional cleaning tools you can’t live without this season

As a business owner, you know your property represents your brand. So, you need your place of business looking its best inside and out.


Perhaps the most challenging areas to maintain during the winter months are the floors. The solution: A comprehensive approach that targets reducing salt and melted snow using three cleaning tools no pro can live without:

  1. Stiff sweep upright broom. Keep as much salt and ice melt outside the building. Sweep the sidewalk and outside entry with an upright broom designed for wet or dry cleaning on outdoor surfaces like the Harper 12-in. stiff sweep upright broom.

    This is a great first line of defense to keep as much salt and ice melt as possible from being tracked inside and into other areas of the building.

  2. Sponge mop. Hard floors should be mopped at the end of each day to remove as much melted snow and sludge as possible. Wet floors are a huge business liability; slippery floors cause accidents that can not only hurt customers, but your business reputation as well.

    A durable sponge mop like Harper’s cellulose sponge mop is easy to rinse; frequent rinsing is essential to prevent dirt or salt from being redeposited on floors which could lead to damaged surfaces.

  3. Floor squeegee. This is a useful tool for clearing large areas of melted snow from concrete surfaces in warehouse bays, garages or barns. A great durable floor squeegee for just such a job is Harper’s PowrWave® which moves water, snow and slush easily with its patented Fluid Control System.

The crisp white winter snow may look pretty on tree branches or open fields, but it, as well as the accompanying salt, can create a real mess when tracked inside your place of business. With these three cleaning tools, you can easily keep your business from becoming a wintry mess.

Make sure to check out Harper’s Pro-Perfected lineup. No matter how tough the cleaning challenge, there’s a hardworking Harper tool that will help you overcome it and do it efficiently. In addition to brooms, brushes and mops, Harper offers a wide range of cleaning accessories, too. Whether it’s a wet or dry job, you’ll have what you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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