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Good housekeeping extends to the RV and motorhome too

It’s a common practice to keep your car or truck clean in order to prolong its life and make your investment last. That same practice should be used with your RV or motorhome. In fact, it may be more important considering the current price of a luxury RV.

Just as with your daily transportation, a travel trailer can collect a lot of dust, dirt and grime, whether it’s during storage, at the campsite or when traveling. This dirt can slowly deteriorate the surface. In the case of metal RVs or motorhomes, it can wear away the paint and expose the sheet metal, allowing rust and corrosion to set in. With fiberglass structured travel trailers, dirt can dull and scratch the surface depreciating the trailer’s value.

But never fear. Keeping your “house on wheels” clean and ready for your next trip doesn’t need to be a struggle if you develop a simple routine using a few tips from Harper.

First, you’ll want to give the outside a good washing with mild soap and water, particularly the wheel wells and underneath the vehicle. This not only prevents dirt buildup, it also helps reduce rust and corrosion.

The favored technique among cleaning professionals is to start at the roof and work your way down the sides and bottom of the vehicle, finishing one side at a time. That includes washing as well as drying. Using this method can greatly reduce any streaking from dirty water.

  • A good soft Harper hand-held utility brush can be used to break loose any superficial dirt on the easy-to-reach and close-up areas of the trailer.
  • For the roof and the harder-to-reach areas, you’ll want to use a Harper wash brush with telescopic flow-thru handle.

Between trips, a simple hosing off, washing away any areas of dirt is all that is necessary. Road dust, grime, and even bug splatters will settle on the surface, so it’s important to remove it after every trip. Then at the end of the camping season, thoroughly clean the outside surface before storing the trailer for the winter. 

If your trailer has an awning, make sure to roll it out completely before thoroughly cleaning it. Rain, leaves and road dirt can build up over time and create stains or mildew on the awning. Make sure the awning is completely dry after cleaning and has no leaves or other debris still on it before rolling it up for an extended period. 

Next, clean the inside of the trailer using the same top-down theory. Start at the ceiling of the vehicle and move down the walls, finishing with the floor.

To clean the floor, it’s best to first sweep away the surface dust and dirt. A Harper angle broom or upright broom is great for just such a task. The result is the same cleaning power of a Harper Push Broom in a small, compact broom body.

Next, follow up with a lightweight mop like Harper’s roller mop using a diluted floor cleaner mixed with water.

Now that you’ve thoroughly cleaned the inside and outside of your trailer, all that will be required is a good preventative maintenance routine to make sure things are kept neat and tidy and the amount of dirt needing removed during and between trips is minimal.

Here are a few pointers:

  • Keep a short list of cleaning tools and supplies on hand for any touchups while traveling:
    • Handheld vacuum
    • Small broom
    • Disposable dust cloths
    • Disinfecting wipes
  • Travel-size bottle with mild detergent
  • Do a quick once-over each day with a compact broom. Even if the trailer doesn’t look dirty, you’ll keep incremental dust, hair, lint and dirt at a minimum that can otherwise build up if left unattended.
  • Leave shoes at the door to reduce tracked in dirt.
  • Use a dirt-collecting doormat inside the trailer’s entrance to wipe off shoes if you don’t want to remove them while walking around the inside of the trailer. You’ll track in less dirt, which means there’ll be less dirt to remove.

With a simple cleaning routine, you’ll not only extend the service life of your travel trailer but you’ll make the time spent inside your camper much more enjoyable.

Make sure to check out Harper’s complete line of Pro-Perfected cleaning tools. No matter how tough the cleaning challenge, there’s a hardworking Harper tool that will help you overcome it and do it efficiently. In addition to brooms, brushes and mops, Harper offers a wide range of cleaning accessories, too. Whether it’s a wet or dry job, you’ll have what you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Check out Harper’s wide selection of wash brushes as well as our extensive line of other superior quality cleaning tools.

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