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Good housekeeping extends to the RV and motorhome too

It’s a common practice to keep your car or truck clean in order to prolong its life and make your investment last. That same practice should be used with your RV or motorhome. In fact, it may be more important considering the current price of a luxury RV. Read more...


Prep for fun: Wash away winter’s dirt and grime

Spring is just around the corner. So, it’s time to get those boats, RVs and other vehicles ready for warm weather fun

Harper® has a full line of wash brushes that will do the job when it comes to getting rid of the salt, dirt and grime left behind from a messy winter. Many are built to remove the toughest grunge. Others are soft enough to use on the finest finishes. Read more...


Winter cleaning: 3 professional cleaning tools you can’t live without this season

As a business owner, you know your property represents your brand. So, you need your place of business looking its best inside and out.

Perhaps the most challenging areas to maintain during the winter months are the floors. The solution: A comprehensive approach that targets reducing salt and melted snow using three cleaning tools no pro can live without. Read more...


Properly Maintaining Your Cleaning Tools

Dirt, bacteria, debris and odors can build up to an impenetrable level if brooms, mops and brushes are not cleaned properly after each use. The goal is to remove dirt and bacteria from every part of a cleaning tool that may come into contact with surfaces that are cleaned later.

It’s important to establish a routine, not only for cleaning the tools, but for their storage as well. Read more...


Selecting the Proper Brush or Broom for your Business

When it comes to cleanup of a job site, workspace or shop floor, we often go to the more commonplace of the brushes and brooms -- a push broom or the everyday household straw broom. Unfortunately, that may not always be the best choice for the surface or the task at hand.

Just as there are different surfaces to clean, there are also different broom and brush types. Each is designed for a specific cleaning need. Read more...


Cleaning Patios and Decks for Summer

The anticipation of summer means it’s time to enjoy the backyard. And not just during the summer holidays either. Who doesn’t long for the chance to quietly relax out on the patio or deck, taking in the sun and sounds of the season – whether it’s in quiet solitude, with that special someone, or while entertaining friends with a backyard barbeque.

To make sure your patio or deck is ready when it’s time to relax this summer, Harper® offers some simple tips. Read more...


Spring Cleaning Your Garage Floor

For most concrete surfaces, such as the garage, shop or patio, cleaning can take several hours. But to make the job go more quickly, having an action plan can make all the difference.

After learning from contractors and professionals what works when it comes to cleaning tools and methods, Harper® offers a few suggestions to make the project go more smoothly. Read more...

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