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 Harper Brush has been making brushes and brooms since 1900.
Harper Brush has been making brushes and brooms since 1900. Manufactured in America, each product is built with quality components that stand the test of time and provide durability the Pros Rely On.
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Anatomy of a Harper®
Push Broom

We’ve learned from the Professional customer what makes a professional-grade cleaning tool. They not only measure a tool’s value by its quality and its durability, but they also look for a cleaning tool that will make their job easier.

Quality Brush Fiber

Premium synthetic or natural fibers selected and engineered for the specific cleaning need. The fibers provide the highest quality sweeping performance and a longer life for the tool.

Furniture Quality Block

The furniture grade hardwood maple block is easily identified by the trademarked painted ends. Will not warp or bend over.

Durable Connectors And Slotted Blocks

Quality Steel Brace



Only the right broom will really sweep clean. That’s why every Harper broom is “Pro-Perfected” – whether it’s a corn broom or a push broom, natural fiber or synthetic fiber – they’re built for specific debris and surfaces.


Harper has brushes for every need, all made with the high standards for product quality we’re known for. From a counter brush for the home . . . to a brush with acid-resistant bristles for the industrial workplace.


Our wide range of wet or dust mop types get the job done right, whether it’s cleaning footprints, applying a wax finish to a floor or cleaning large dry areas such as lobbies, gymnasiums and other smooth floor surfaces.

Buckets/ Dustpans/ Miscellaneous

Harper offers a wide range of cleaning accessories to complement our brushes and brooms. Whether it’s a wet or dry job, you’ll have all the supplies needed to get the job done quickly and efficiently.


When faced with clearing floors of excess water or other liquids, having the right tool can make cleanup a breeze. Harper’s PowrWave® Squeegee features a patented Fluid Control System for more efficient clean up.

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